About the company

Real time guidance for the placement of dental implants, based on the breakthrough technology of SpineGuard®.

Following more than 70,000 spinal surgeries performed, DSG® technology has proven results in making procedures simple, safe and accurate.

With both sound and light alerts, ConfiDent warns dental surgeons as they approach bone plates, just in time to avoid perforation.  Using confiDent saves time , increases safety and accuracy, and reduces the risk of radiation exposure.

Using patented electrical conductivity technology and a global training program ConfiDent will help you hear what you cannot see.


Eyal Milman, Chairman, and CEO of the Adin Group
Eyal is the founder of Adin dental and its CEO.
Eyal has more than 25 years of proven experience in entrepreneurship and business management. Under his management and leadership, ADIN has become one of the major dental implant companies in the Israeli market and is on the path to becoming a significant player in the global market. Eyal is also an investor in several startups, including NanoAF, which has developed a revolutionary nanocoating to repel the formation of biofilm on surfaces.


Ron Askayo, CEO
Ron has led and managed outstanding companies for the past twenty years. Previous to Confident, Ron has led Adin Digital, which developed an innovative handheld dental 3D scanner. His former roles include managing The Knowledge and Technology Fund of the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel and as Executive VP of operations of Swed Masters Workshop LTD., a New York-based customized silversmith company.
Ron is Colonel in the IDF reserve and holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Ben Gurion University and an Executive MBA from the Tel Aviv University.


Ofer (Freddy) Paz, Director of Business Development
Freddy is an entrepreneur and former investor in biotech companies with a strong network of closely related strategic figures in the dental industry. Freddy has held project management and R&D positions for a vast range of electro-optic and guided military equipment technology projects at the IDF. He has served as VP Marketing and Sales at Aryt and Ophir Photonics, was co-founder, board member, and manager at Optimet, during which time the company signed an eight-year, multi-million-dollar contract agreement for supplying dental scanners to Nobel Biocare.
Freddy Paz holds a B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as well as an MBA partial studies certificate from the Harvard Business Extension School.