Exclusive licensing agreement for the use of DSG™ technology in Dental Implantology

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Adin Group, as part of its continues effort to offer its customers state-of-the-art innovative technological solutions, is proud to announce an exclusive licensing agreement with SpineGuard SA, an innovative company that develops and markets medical devices designed to make spine surgery safer, for the use of SpineGuard’s Dynamic Surgical Guidance (DSG™) technology in the field of dental implantology.

The DSG™ Technology is based on the principle that the electrical conductivity of tissue varies by the type of tissue: cortical bone, cancellous bone, periosteum and blood.
This parameter of varying conductivity can be very helpful in differentiating between various tissue types while drilling. SpineGuard’s PediGuard® probe work through a bipolar sensor that is embedded at its tip. A current is pulsed through two electrodes in the probe, and based on the local conductivity the sensor can accurately inform the surgeon of the type of tissue the tip is in.

Adin and SpineGuard have already identified three specific dental applications for DSG™: a Sinus Lift Smart Osteotome, a Zygomatic Smart Trocar and a Dental Smart Drill for a potential of 8 million dental procedures. Among other things, the deal between the two companies includes technology transfer, product development support, upfront, milestones and royalty payments.

“The collaboration with SpineGuard is an important step to making this innovative technology accessible to Adin’s patients and doctors, which form Adin’s client-base. Adin is wholeheartedly committed to make use of, and provide accessibility to, innovative technologies in the dental field, with the purpose of allowing hundreds of thousands of dentists worldwide to perform procedures once considered complex and complicated, in a faster, simpler and more secure way. Adin finds this highly innovative DSG™ technology suitable for this purpose of making such treatments accessible for millions of patients. With SpineGuard, Adin had not only found a best fitting technology, but also an amazing team. Adin is full of excitement for the future to come,” said Eyal Milman, CEO and co-founder of Adin Dental Implant Systems Ltd.

“This licensing agreement is a big step forward for SpineGuard as it demonstrates the potential of our DSG™ technology beyond spine surgery,” added Pierre Jérôme, CEO and co-founder of SpineGuard. “From the beginning of our discussions with Adin’s team, we shared a clear vision and contagious enthusiasm. Both increased as we validated the feasibility of using DSG™ in dental applications, outlined the product development plan and defined mutually agreeable business terms. The number of dental implant procedures which could potentially benefit from DSG™ is about eight times bigger than instrumented spine fusions with a strong demand for technologies bringing meaningful innovation, facts that drive really exciting perspectives for SpineGuard.”

“Modern Dental Implantology is derived and developed from the orthopedic field due to the immense contribution of Prof. Per-Ingvar Brånemark. It is only obvious and expected that the technologies of Adin and SpineGuard complement and synergize with one another. Both teams are confiDent and determined to open new treatment options that will allow surgeons to perform complex surgeries in both accurate and minimally invasive ways.

“We look forward to implementing and expanding the DSG™ technology in maxillofacial applications, and are committed to improving the treatment options, safety and quality of life of our patients.” concluded Professor Adi Lorean, maxillofacial surgeon in Tel Aviv, Israel and member of Adin’s Scientific Advisory Board.

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